Mueller Testifies, CATS Trailer, Is FaceApp a Russian Conspiracy?, Natalie Portman Will Be Thor, UK Tory Ad DEBUNKED, Equifax Pays For Data Breach, UK Has a New Prime Minister, Everything’s Coming up Affleck
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*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 8:20   FaceApp – Harmless Fun or Russian PLOT? CATS Trailer Natalie Portman is “Mighty Thor!”   MUELLER TESTIMONY – 35:47   Or “MuellerDicks Roundup” Or “It’s Mueller Time”   TIDBITS 51:04   “Cut Homeless People in Half” DEBUNK Twitter’s New UI Everything’s Coming Up Affleck Boris Johnson, New UK Prime Minister Equifax to pay $700M Fine   WI-FIVE 1:04:12   OUTRO 1:05:55
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Trendos will always be friendos! *TIME CODES* 02:07 - BEVS LIKE THESE 09:28 - SECTION 1 25:05 - SECTION 2 29:36 - DRAMATIC BEANING 39:13 - WIFIVE 41:56 - OUTRO
Published 04/24/20
Published 04/24/20
Let's talk about CATS, bay-bee! Join Travis, Brent, and Courtney for a thorough WTF-ing of 2019's legendary cult film (read: flop) CATS!!! Munkustrap in and let's Bustopher... a move?
Published 04/24/20