Lego Master Race
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Concerned mother and uncoverer of secrets and nefarious plots against humanity Shelly Abernathy reveals a shocking TRUTH about the television competition program Lego Masters and its connection to the evil ghost of ex-President Gerald Ford. Ms. Abernathy was played by the very funny comedian Meghan Nyeste. Go to Meghan's Instagram @meghanmelaugh to find out when she's performing next! Affirmations is a real place too and does a lot of great stuff for the community. Thomas Luge was played by Alex Bozinovic. Check out Alex's other podcasts The Burt Selleck Podcast and Lunchpilled Podcast. Harry Hamilton Hamilton was played by Tim Den Otter. Lil Dickie was played by Mike Bobbitt. You can listen to his other podcast You Made Me Watch . Check out TRUTHCAST Youtube site for great Truthcast Bunkercast videos produced by Tim Den Otter, as well as animated shorts from the podcast produced by Mike Bobbitt. Here's the central hub for all your TRUTH needs: Art by Mark Rudolph: This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - Podcorn -
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It's a special Make-A-Wish episode of the Truthcast. The boys celebrate Truthcast super fan Dennis the Cthulhu with another round of This is Your Life! In real life, it was Dennis the Cthulhu's alter ego Dennis Burdziak's birthday when we recorded this. Dennis does in fact like the Truthcast a...
Published 05/29/23
Harry brings in another guest this week and they are finally NOT a comedian. This week we welcome Randy. Randy will lift the curtain that separates reality and the digitized world that lyes all around us by the end of this episode! Randy was played by Ndegwa McCloud. Ndegwa is a local Michigan...
Published 05/15/23
Published 05/15/23