Wide World of Punting – S2:Ep 8 Final Episode – Tristan Merlehan – Mixed Bag Top
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We wrap the season with a range of insightful topics tackled by Tristan. Biggest win and loss of 2021. Most memorable wins and losses all time. How quaddies, exotics and totes actually work. Is Betfair a threat to corporate bookies? Live betting laws and how live odds are calculated. TopSport review of promo use and fair play rule. TryPod suggestions to add to and improve the TopSport app. Goals for 2022. 
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Live - Weekly - Short - Sharp - NRL SuperCoach & Punting Advice all under 20mins 💨  With Jacob Winn 🎧(TryPod) and Tim Moodie 👑(2021 SC Champion) Comment to win a jersey 👕 and 🔥 Get the 2/3 ATS bet thanks to TopSport 🧬 Promo code:...
Published 05/25/22
Published 05/25/22
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Published 05/25/22