#208 -STEEZ- Score of the week
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Jezbot and Taco talk you through it
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This week on the STEEZ Jezbot and Taco get together for their regular segments and chat about Myths/ UFOS /Streaming and so much more.. “Jumping the Turnstile” sincerely thank you for your listenership and continued support throughout the years.  Please subscribe and review but more importantly...
Published 04/01/20
April Fools Day? Defiantly feels like it. Today we celebrate 4 years on air.  Literally, we're being literal.  Thanks for all the support over the years! Here's to 4 more.
Published 04/01/20
Jezbot and Taco sit in together for a Steez. We find out that Taco still wags after 40 years ..
Published 03/24/20