Episode 3: Interview with Emma & Finn of Normalizing Non-Monogamy
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Tristan and Bowie interview Emma and Finn, the hosts of The Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast. Emma and Finn are a married couple in their thirties who interview a wide variety of different folks in non-monogamous relationships.
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That's right, Season 1 has officially come to an end. It has climaxed...reached its peak...blown it's metaphorical load. Now its owners, Bowie and Tristan, need time to recover. The two discuss plans for next season and part with two final sex stories of the week.
Published 12/10/18
Bowie and Tristan talk about how to prepare for a first date and the importance of clear communication with your partner to ensure success from the start. From planning the first date, to meeting the new couple, to deciding whether or not to have sex, to transitions, we cover all of the important...
Published 12/03/18
Tristan is taking a temporary break from dating/polyamory and Bowie is coming out of a break from swinging...this episode is all about recharging your slut batteries! There are all kinds of reasons to take a break from swinging, polyamory, dating, kink, BDSM, and other slutty stuff. We explore...
Published 11/26/18