Curiosity is a profound expression of love, feat. Scott Shigeoka (Type 7)
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Curiosity is something we’re all born with…it’s a desire to know, a search for understanding. In today’s episode, Enneagram 7, Scott Shigeoka shares how his innately inquisitive nature allows him to foster deeper connections and explains how others can and should do the same. “We often think about [curiosity] as an intellectual tool to extract information, but actually you can move from the mind into the heart and it can become a heart-center tool that you use to better understand people, to understand yourself, to understand the divine…it’s a force for connection,” explains Scott.  We dig into his new book, "Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life & Change the World,” and differentiate between shallow curiosity and deep curiosity…and why we need both. Scott Shigeoka is an internationally recognized curiosity expert, speaker, and author. He is known for translating research into strategies that promote positive well-being and connected relationships around the globe, including at the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and through his popular courses at the University of Texas at Austin. Scott implements his curiosity practices in the public sector, Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood, media organizations, education institutions, and small businesses. To learn more about Scott, visit his website at and follow him on Instagram at @scottshigeoka.  You can also grab a copy of his new book "SEEK" here.   
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