The Good News About Anxiety, feat. Dr. David Rosmarin [S07-030]
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We’re amid an epidemic of anxiety.  It affects all of us, our children, our peers, our partners. Yet, what if we could reframe anxiety in a new way that helps people live in a healthy relationship with something we all experience…something it means to be human?   Our guest, Dr. David Rosmarin, Enneagram 3w2, associate professor at Harvard Medical School,  program director at McLean Hospital, founder of the Center for Anxiety, and international expert on spirituality and mental health joins me for a much needed conversation about accepting anxiety as a natural part of life and learning to lean into it as a tool for positive change.  In today’s episode, Dr. Rosmarin and I explore: What brings up anxiety for Dr. Rosmarin The distinction between fear, anxiety, stress and worry Triggers of anxiety for different Enneagram types  We also highlight a couple of practical tools provided in Dr. Rosmarin's book, 'Thriving with Anxiety,' which offers actionable strategies for managing anxiety in everyday life.  
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