Befriending feelings to find wholeness, feat. Dr. Carol Tanksley (Enneagram 5)
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Dr. Carol Tanksley joins Typology to discuss her journey of self-discovery and the powerful impact learning to see her emotions as knowledge has had on her life. As Dr. Tanksley explains, “When I finally started to understand that it was not knowledge that I needed to quote ‘fix me,’ then I started to make progress. […] Things started to change in my life. I started to come to terms with the emotional and feeling part of me, hence the wing four. I had all kinds of feelings. They were there all the time.” Learning to befriend our feelings opens the door to wholeness and true connection. In this episode, you’ll learn: How Dr. Tanksley discovered her Enneagram type A few practices to help fives connect with their feelings Importance of understanding emotions as information   Dr. Carol Tanksley Resources  Instagram | X: | Facebook  YouTube  Podcast: Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol Sexpectations: reframing your good and not-so-good stories about God, love, and relationships
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