Finding a Sense of Belonging, feat. Chris and Julie Bennett [S07-044]
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What does it mean to truly belong? Today’s guests, Chris and Julie Bennett, authors of the book 'Fighting for Family: The Relentless Pursuit of Building Belonging, join me for a heartfelt discussion about what it means to build strong relationships and find a space where you belong. They share personal insights and experiences that highlight the importance of vulnerability, honesty, and bringing your whole self to the table in order to create a space where everyone feels accepted and valued.   In this episode, we also explore:  The importance of getting in touch with anger for the personal growth of Enneagram 9s Fighting for the things that truly matter Facing the good and bad truths about yourself as a pathway for healing  Tune in as we reflect on the power of embracing vulnerability, honoring our differences, and extending forgiveness to cultivate communities of belonging.      Connect with Chris and Julie:  
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