How Solana and Binance Smart Chain Could Take Ethereum's Lead
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Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, and Kyle Samani, managing partner at Multicoin Capital, debate the merits of Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain. In this episode, they discuss: why Ethereum is losing market share to Solana and BSC whether decentralization matters and at what point decentralization becomes redundant why they think Solana and Binance Smart Chain need to be taken seriously as competitors to EThereum whether BSC or Solana is the bigger long-term threat to Ethereum the biggest obstacle to Ethereum’s success (and it’s not gas fees) how Ethereum will navigate fragmented Layer 2 solutions Solana and its lack of developers what differentiates DeFi from CeFi why Solana has an edge on Ethereum in terms of composability  how Ethereum will onboard new users why Kain is such an ardent backer of Ethereum why both Kyle and Kain think EIP 1559 and the potential for higher ETH prices is bad for Ethereum if Synthetix would ever consider launching a cross-chain product the viability of a multi-chain world why Kyle believes the future holds a winner-take-most blockchain ecosystem   Thank you to our sponsors! E&Y:  Kyber Network:    Episode Links   People Kyle Samani Twitter:  Multicoin Capital:  Kain Warwick Twitter: Synthetix:    Content Kain’s tweet that instigated this pod: Multicoin Blogs: New $100m fund focused on Solana  BNB Investment + valuation  Investment in Solana  Ethereum analysis Value Capture at Layers 1 and 2  Kain Warwick and Sam Bankman Fried podcast  Comparing AMMs on different blockchains  BSC and Solana NFT platforms  Overview of Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum Binance Smart Chain guide Solana guide
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