Visa Is Building Infrastructure for NFTs, Smart Contracts, and L2s. Why?
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Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of crypto, discusses Visa’s crypto game plan, stablecoin regulation, NFTs, and more. Show highlights: Cuy’s background and his journey down the crypto rabbit hole how Visa and cryptocurrency can coexist why crypto companies and fintech companies are similar what Visa is trying to solve for consumers regarding cryptocurrencies how cross-chain payment infrastructure would work why Visa requires enhanced diligence for crypto companies what countries can learn from stablecoins when building CBDCs why Visa is creating a universal payment channel for CBDCs and other cryptocurrencies why Visa chose USDC to begin making payments with the two main reasons why stablecoins are used (hint: it’s not for buying cups of coffee) how cryptocurrency is changing financial education and inclusion how crypto’s open-source ethos is helping underserved and emerging markets build financial infrastructure why NFTs are Cuy’s favorite topic how NFTs level the playing field for black artists (and artists in general) why Visa purchased a CryptoPunk and how other businesses could leverage NFTs Thank you to our sponsors!       Nodle:   Cuy Sheffield Twitter: LinkedIn: NFT collection:    Content: Medium  Tweets Thoughts on payroll deposits  DAOs as chaotic organizations   Visa Crypto Plays CryptoPunk purchase  First smart contract on Ropsten NFT research report  Cross-chain Interoperability  Visa + USDC  Digital currency whitepaper 
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