Ep.1 The beginning
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My first podcast episode ever!! We have to find our beginning and stop procrastinating. Go out there and start to do things you always wanted. God bless! 
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Everyday we are always caught in transition period and we are often cannot be patient and wanting an instant result. In this day and age, we have to be realistic and learn that a transition is a though and beautiful stage that everyone has to take when they want a beautiful outcome. We are also...
Published 11/05/19
Published 11/05/19
How we gonna use our time wisely?  Are you going to waste it? Or use it in a good way? It's often that we use our time in something that we are not passionate about, and our life become unfruitful and we have lots of dead branches in our life. There are few things I want to share in this...
Published 10/16/19