1-3 John; Jude: God Is Love
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A verse-by-verse study of 1-3 John and Jude. This lesson focuses on the Word of Life, faithful & just, overcoming the world, used to be's or never were's, an abiding anointing, divine potential, continuing to sin, loving one another, knowing we're worthy, God is Love, life in Christ, abiding in the doctrine of Christ, walking in truth, contending for the faith, examples of ungodliness, mockers in the last time, kept from falling, and more.  0:00 Introduction 7:04 The Word of Life & Light of the World 14:43 Faith & Just to Forgive 23:32 Atonement & Obedience 31:26 A New & Everlasting Commandment to Love 38:34 Overcoming the World 43:50 Used to Be's or Never Were's 53:29 An Abiding Anointing 1:01:48 Divine Potential 1:19:46 Committing or Continuing in Sin 1:26:09 Loving One Another 1:35:03 How We Know We're Worthy 1:48:59 Knowing Truth & Error 1:55:47 God Is Love 2:04:19 Loving God Despite the World 2:12:42 Attitude Toward the Commandments 2:19:00 Water, Blood, & Spirit 2:23:00 Life in Christ 2:31:30 Abiding in the Doctrine of Christ 2:43:19 Walking in Truth 2:54:27 Contending for the Faith 3:03:14 Examples of Ungodliness 3:14:46 Mockers in the Last Time 3:20:24 Kept from Falling 3:29:13 Conclusion
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