Revelation 1-5: Worthy Is the Lamb
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A verse-by-verse study of Revelation 1-5. This lesson focuses on the approach of the Book of Revelation, perpetual relevance, banishment on Patmos, a vision of Christ, stars & candlesticks, letters to the 7 churches, first love, faithfulness in tribulation, the true word, preserving purity, the true riches, awe, an open door, the throne of God, the 24 Elders, the 4 Beasts, the Sea of Glass, eyes & wings, the book with the 7 seals, the Lion & the Lamb, the New Song, and more. 0:00 Introduction to Revelation 13:07 John's Symbolic Approach 22:49 Failed Prophecy or Perpetual Relevance 40:00 The Revelation of Jesus to John 53:07 Banished to Patmos 1:02:33 A Vision of Jesus to John 1:10:18 Stars & Candlesticks 1:16:37 Letters to the 7 Churches 1:21:59 Ephesus - Holding to Truth 1:31:44 First Love & First Works 1:42:30 Smyrna - Faithful in Tribulation 1:51:48 Pergamos - The True Word of God 2:07:40 Thyatira - Purity Preserved 2:18:18 Sardis - Saints in Fact 2:26:47 Philadelphia - Safe Within 2:36:23 Laodicea - True Riches 2:47:28 The 7 Cities 2:56:25 I Stand All Amazed 3:05:12 An Open Door to the Throne 3:15:36 The 24 Elders 3:21:51 The Sea of Glass 3:25:26 The 4 Beasts 3:31:40 Eyes & Wings 3:43:00 The Book with the 7 Seals 3:49:41 Opening the Book 3:58:14 The Lion & the Lamb 4:07:26 The New Song 4:18:06 Conclusion
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