Seeking vs Accepting: How Does Your Heart Feel These Days w/ Sara Luchetti
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Pablo Picasso once said that the first half of life is learning to be an adult, and the second half is learning to be a child. We can all agree that life has been an interesting ride these past few years. It has been extremely rough for some of us and for others it has given us the opportunity to finally come face to face with our fears, our worries and most importantly ourselves. Through our struggles, we found the love and support that we needed, through our darkest moments we have found the answers we were longing for, and on this spiritual journey we have found one another, a sisterhood like no other. But it’s also ok if some of us still feel lost but if by chance this podcast has provided you a sense of clarity or community - then I am forever indebted to God for this simple reason. Today’s special guest is a dear friend of mine - someone whom you have all met before - Sara Luchetti. She was this season’s opener and it only felt right to have her close out the season, too. Subhanallah, how life always comes full circle. I simultaneously have all the words and no words to describe who Sara is - and if you ask her, she’ll simply say, I'm human. But if i were to describe how she makes me feel - that’s a whole other story. She is a sister for life, a kind and genuine soul and someone who has embraced me with the love that I needed.  In today’s episode we discuss how our heart feels these days  and what is it trying to tell us, especially since our emotions are the language and messengers of our hearts. Sara guides us through the concept of letting go of expectations and instead of drowning in what ifs, we instead swim in what is. How do we live a life of accepting instead of a life with balled up fists ready to fight any change or hardship  that comes our way.  Recently I’ve shared how I’ve transitioned from traditional therapy to seeking Sara’s services - which specifically focuses on heart work. I want to take a moment to say thank  you to our teachers, our therapists, our loved ones who have helped us on this journey, who have stood by our side through the most difficult of times and who have shown us how strong we truly are.  This past week I had a very emotional and heart awakening session with Sara and it felt as if she was holding a mirror up to me - allowing me to face myself and see how much I have overcome and what is truly tugging at my heart. Lastly, thank you to every guest and every listener, every kind word and every piece of advice that was gifted to me. Like I said, words don't do our feelings any justice sometimes, so for now all I can say is - I will forever keep you all in my duas! Enjoy and follow the pod on Instagram: @unsweetenedandunfiltered Follow Sara Luchetti on Instagram: @saraluchetti Book a session w/ Sara:
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