Am I Worthy of God's Forgiveness: How Do We Bring Our Imperfections to His Perfection w/ Samia Mubarak
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I once heard that if the battle is bigger than you, than it’s not only your battle to fight, God is reminding you to seek His help in these moments, too. I believe that sometimes we tend to focus more so on the state that we’re in when entering Ramadan instead of shifting our focus to our potential in this month. We can be discouraged in where our hearts may be when approaching Ramadan, not realizing that the purpose of this month is for us to seek the healing we desperately need. I truly believe we always leave Ramadan better than we have entered it.  When growing up, to no one’s fault, I felt like our faith was more about restriction than anything else, but over the years I set the intention to truly connect to Allah and the more knowledge I sought, the more I understood that our faith was about protection.  Allah has protected us  from harm in more ways than we can ever count, in ways that are not so visible to us and in moments when we forgot to even  make dua to receive His protection in the first place. Allah’s  protection is one of the many ways His  mercy is shown to us. My heart erupts with so much love for Allah, when I look back on moments where I felt so lost and so alone, and yet He lovingly nudged me back onto the right path, reminding me that no matter how far I’ve strayed, He always called me back to Him. In today’s episode I sit down with Samia Mubarak, a student and teacher of the Quran and a Special Needs Advocate. This episode brought tears to my eyes and relief to my heart because of the way Samia invokes such love in our hearts for our Creator and in the ways she breaks down every verse, showing us that every surah  is a love letter written to us by Allah (swt), guiding us back to Him. The topics may be heavy within this discussion but Samia’s reminders are filled with pockets of ease that we truly need to hear and for us to allow it to wash over our hearts, hearts that may be shattered and in need of mending. Within this conversation, we discuss the purpose of our hardships, how to soften our hardened hearts and to  not be discouraged by our sins and our shortcomings, how to truly bring our imperfections to our Creator who is perfect, how to know the difference between the hardships we can overcome on our own and what can we leave for Allah to take care of on our behalf and how to know we have truly been forgiven? I highly recommend that you check out Samia’s instagram account for inspiring content that reminds us of Allah’s love and mercy and to sign up for her Quranic Reflection classes. A great way to truly strengthen this sisterhood and to reap the rewards by doing so, is donating a Quranic class so that other women can connect to the Quran and our faith.  All links are provided in the episode show notes! Let’s dive in.  Enjoy and follow the pod on Instagram: @unsweetenedandunfiltered Follow Samia Mubarak on Instagram: @quranic_ocean Check out Samia's website and courses: Click Here Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:
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