Sustainability opportunities for nutraceutical companies
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Reviewing a decades’ worth of information on sustainable practices across the nutraceutical industry. Prof. Rupesh Kumar Pati has recently published in Decision Sciences the article “Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-2030 through the nutraceutical industry: A Review of managerial research and the role of operations management” (DOI: (, which addresses the current flow of management literature information on the nutraceutical industry. In this podcast episode, Prof. Pati shares insights on: Lessons learnt from reviewing a decade worth of information on the nutraceutical industry: sustainable systems and pillars The role the nutraceutical industry plays in addressing the (United Nations sustainable development goals) when it comes to malnutrition and undernourishment How public-private partnerships and stakeholders from the nutraceutical industry offer more support towards sustainability practices The promises of nutraceuticals and future opportunities for companies looking to start or continue progress toward sustainability If you do like the show, make sure to subscribe and follow the (Vitafoods Insights podcast). Feel free also to recommend the show to a friend that you think would enjoy it. For more content from Vitafoods Insights, make sure to check our website: (
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