The End of the Beginning
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During the last episode of VOID, while Gideon confronted Yehuda Salazar, Serebella and Nova discovered something very disturbing about the Genesis Fountainhead. Having left the facility, the crew now face a difficult decision. 
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On the last episode of VOID, Aluna was taken from the crew as they were ambushed. Zeven filled in Anko with the details of what happened at the depot. As the crew tried desperately to escape, Jonas and Gilban were captured. Those left headed back to the Ching She to prepare for a rescue mission....
Published 07/27/21
Previously on VOID, Nova continues to express an arrogant attitude towards Jonas and now even to ship captain Regina Rex. The Ching She docked with the Mars Galactic Fuel Depot only to find it strangely empty. Anko caught another stowaway trying to sneak on board. And the crew found themselves in...
Published 07/20/21
On the last episode of VOID, Anko and Jonas continue to clash and build more animosity towards each other. Relationships get deeper as the crew has been in space for just over 2 months now. Ursula has started spiritual counseling with Gideon. And the Ching She pulled into close range of the...
Published 07/13/21