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What are the consequences for workers if they are employed by a firm that is sanctioned for corruption? We’re back in Brazil: Christiane Szerman tells Tim Phillips that the quest to do the right thing is catching guilty companies – but with devastating consequences for thousands of employees.
Published 09/28/22
Every year, ambient air pollution kills 3 million people, and causes respiratory problems for hundreds of millions more. Can low-paid workers avoid the harmful effects of air pollution without losing income? Bridget Hoffmann and Juan Pablo Rud talk to Tim Phillips about what data from Mexico City...
Published 09/21/22
When workers become unemployed, do some turn to crime instead – and does unemployment insurance make a difference? Diogo Britto and Paolo Pinotti tell Tim Phillips about how disaggregated data gives a powerful new insight on the relationship between job loss and crime.
Published 09/15/22