The debt ceiling drama
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You’ve probably heard by now that President Joe Biden released his 2024 budget proposal. You’ve also probably heard that it has almost no chance of passing through both chambers of Congress. What is likely to come to pass is more drama over a recurring problem: the fight over the debt ceiling. If the US doesn’t raise the ceiling and defaults on its debt, financial catastrophe would ensue. What does that mean for the country’s fiscal future?  References: What’s in Biden’s new White House budget - Vox  Biden’s billionaire tax proposal, explained - Vox  House Republicans are taking steps to prepare for a possible debt ceiling default - Semafor  President's Budget | OMB | The White House  Guests: Joseph Zaballos-Roig (@josephzeballos) Kathleen Day (@kathleenday) Credits: Jonquilyn Hill, host Sofi LaLonde, producer Cristian Ayala, engineer A.M. Hall, editorial director of talk podcasts Want to support The Weeds? Please consider making a donation to Vox: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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