Ep 43: The Top Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes You Need to Know with Erin Flynn
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You’ve heard about capsule wardrobes, but have you ever tried one yourself? Maybe you love clothes and think a capsule wardrobe is too restrictive. Or maybe your life is filled with so many different activities you’d make a super hero’s head spin with all the outfit changes and you have no idea where to start. But, the good news is that capsule wardrobes are the opposite of restrictive and in fact give you the freedom to really enjoy everything in your closet. They also help corral the clothing you need for various activities and help you see there are holes in your wardrobe you need to fill. Buying more clothes was probably not the advice you expected from a wannabe minimalist. Am I right? The truth is that there is no magic number of clothing items we need in our closets, but most of us can and should be living with a lot less. My guest on the latest episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show can help you love your closet and love getting dressed everyday. Erin Flynn, co-founder and CEO of cladwell.com give us the personal styling app of our dreams and even coordinates our clothes based on the weather - wherever we are! Erin's led Cladwell's growth over the last 4 years and most recently acquired Cladwell with her husband to turn it into an independently owned company. She has gone through top accelerators like 500 Startups and is currently part of Indie.vc's latest investment. She previously founded an influencer marketing startup called Canopi and has also led the launch of E.W Scripps’ first national digital subscription service. Erin and her husband Colin are living bigger lives with smaller wardrobes in Cincinnati with 1 super Irish sounding kid (Rooney) and a very formal puggle named Mr. Pug. Let’s explore what creating a capsule wardrobe could mean for you and let’s find the joy in your closet. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - What a capsule wardrobe really is - How to think about creating a capsule wardrobe if you live somewhere with distinct seasons or lots of different lifestyle activities. - Why we feel compelled to shop all the time - How to overcome consumer habits of clothes shopping and what to do instead - The advice about minimalism that changed Erin’s life
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