Ep 47: Top Decluttering Secrets that Actually Work with Kids
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Are you a parent wanting to declutter your kids’ things, but not sure the right way to do it? Maybe you have sentimental children who don’t want to let anything go. Or maybe you’re sentimental and have a hard time decluttering too. Or perhaps your home is bursting at the seams and it’s just time for a change and less stuff. No matter what you are facing, you are not alone. While I was on my minimalist journey before having a child, like most parenting advice…it completely changed one I became one. I felt like I had to start back at square one because so many people tell you babies need a lot of stuff and as a first time parent you want your precious baby to want for nothing. But, life happens and along the way I learned to let a lot go. So much that we sold/donated/tossed about 90% of what we owned and traveled Europe with baby in tow. These are the tips, tricks, and hacks I’ve learned about decluttering with children and how we have grown on our journey together. Yes, my daughter understands what minimalism means to us, but it does not mean that she doesn’t have toys. It’s a balancing act. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - How my journey as a minimalist has evolved - Tips for how to help children that are sentimental - What types of gifts I recommend for families - My #1 piece of advice when decluttering with others (kids and partners too) - The unique tip I would give a busy mom that Jenna’s never heard before and is going to implement herself
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