Ep 56: Feeling overwhelmed? These 10 ideas can simplify your life quickly
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It’s no secret that this last year has been a doozy. Almost everyone’s world has been turned upside down. Some have definitely been more affected than others and we’re all dealing with Covid and the current fatigue in different ways. But, even without a global pandemic, it’s easy for life to get out of control and to feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years, calendars that feel over-scheduled, and a never ending to-do list. And no judgement here because I was once in that very same place. We dug out of the rat race by finding simplicity and living a more intentional life. These 10 ideas for how to simplify your life have been life-changing for us. We’re coming out of the past few years stronger as a family and as individuals and I truly believe these 10 things will serve you and your family as well. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - 10 ways to incorporate simplicity into your life - Quick strategies to improve your quality time with family - How to reduce shopping temptations - Things you can do to clean less and still have a neat home - An unconventional mindset shift that could make a huge difference in your life
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