Ep 65: Are These Decluttering Roadblocks Holding You Back? (part 1)
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You want to declutter. You know it will make a positive difference in your home or life. So, why is it so hard and why do you resist it so much? The answer is that you are running up against a decluttering roadblock. These are mental blocks that keep us from decluttering and detaching from our things. Some of them you may already understand you're facing, but some may be trickier; lurking in the recess of your mind without you really knowing they are in your way. The first step to making any meaningful change in life is to shine a light on areas in our lives that we want to change. Once you know the change you want to make you can commit to making it happen. If you want a tidier home that you can be proud of, one that's easy to clean, or make it easy to find things, or to not be ashamed of what it might look like if people show up unannounced, these roadblocks could be what are holding you back. And clearing out these roadblocks will also help clear your mind so you can find the calm in your head as well as your home. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will also help you discover: - The most common decluttering roadblocks everyone faces so you know you are not alone - Why it's important to face the things in your way before you dive into decluttering - What some of these roadblocks mean when it comes to your stuff - How knowing the mindsets holding you back is half the battle when it comes to decluttering - The #1 way you can find freedom from these roadblocks on your way to a tidy home and vibrant life
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