Trivia Finale: Who Knows More about Tech?
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It's trivia time! This is the conclusion of Season 2 of trivia where we hit Marques, Andrew, and David with a ton of different kinds of questions to see who knows the most about technology (and other random things). We'll be back next week with a regular news-filled episode but for now we hope you play along and maybe learn a thing or two! Shop the merch: Twitters: Waveform: Marques: Andrew: Adam: Ellis: Instagram: Join the Discord: Music by 20syl: Waveform is part of the Vox Media Podcast Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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A lot happened this week! There was a bunch of news this week that Marques, Andrew, and David have to discuss. We got new electric car announcements, a new AI chatbot from Google, and a new gadget to review, all in one episode. Of course, we wrap everything up with some trivia, and things only go...
Published 03/24/23
This week, Marques, Andrew, and David had a lot to talk about. First, they get into the Samsung controversy about using "Space Zoom" to take photos of the moon. After that, they go into all the new Pixel leaks that popped up this week. We have some specs about the Pixel 8, some renders of the...
Published 03/17/23
Published 03/17/23