The End of Google Bard as We Know It!
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This week, Marques, Andrew, and David discuss everything from the rebranding of Google Bard to the Cybertruck. And of course it gets philosophical as the question of "What is a photo?" was brought up again by a Samsung exec. Plus, we start a brand new season of trivia so hopefully you caught the finale earlier in the week. Enjoy! Links: The Verge YouTube Thumbnail Test: Techradar Samsung Story: JerryRigEverything Apple Vision Pro: Casey Neistat Video: Captain Disillusionment tweet: Engadget Rivian story: New Porsche Taycan: Shop the merch: Instagram/Threads/Twitter: Waveform: Waveform: Marques: Andrew: David Imel: Adam: Ellis: TikTok: Join the Discord: Music by 20syl: Waveform is part of the Vox Media Podcast Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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We've got another mid-week bonus episode for you! This week, Ellis talks to the owners and founders of a company out of Milwaukee that is fighting to keep old tech alive. Retrospekt started out selling Polaroid cameras and quickly expanded to include all kinds of neat tech. It's definitely a fun...
Published 04/23/24
Published 04/23/24
This week, Marques and David talk with Hugo Barra about his blog post where he makes a number of points and observations about the Apple Vision Pro and the state of VR in general. There's a lot to get into! Enjoy! Links:  Hugo's Blog Post: Hugo hired by Facebook:...
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