Chairman of the Board
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On this week's episode, the gang is chatting about the infamous late-90s Carrot Top vehicle, Chairman of the Board! Did they really have to make these other actors execute prop comedy gags? Could it get any more terrifying than that baby flashback? And how great is Larry Miller in this movie? PLUS: Are Edison and his buddies doing Dahmer stuff in that apartment?  Chairman of the Board stars Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Larry Miller, Raquel Welch, Jack Warden, Estelle Harris, Bill Erwin, M. Emmet Walsh, Jack McGee, Fred Stoller, Taylor Negron, and Glenn Shadix; directed by Alan Zamm. Be sure to catch WHM's last show of the year in Brooklyn on December 9th! WHM Merch Store Advertise on We Hate Movies via Unlock Exclusive Content!: See for privacy information.
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