Shifting Out of Comparison Energy
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Welcome to Wealthy & Aligned. Today we talk about comparison energy, what it is, how that affects your income flow and if it is okay to compare yourself to someone else. In this episode, I  break down how comparing yourself to others can change your life even when you’re aware of it happening and how it plays a roll in your life.   Expecting Abundance Meditation: Apply Here   Get in Danielle's Vortex:  Website 
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This week I take you BTS of the Quantum Sales Page Solution- I am learning more about my creative process and taking my gift of Channeling into my business.   The QSP was channeled information and needed to be brought to my Fractal Line- I had to get out of my own way, step out of my ego and...
Published 07/02/22
  This week we have Karen on the podcast as a Hot Seat coaching guest.   Karen is a 4 / 6 emotional generator who came to the podcast looking to get help creating an offer to serve her Fractal Line through.   She is a highly intuitive healer who has a desire to take her gifts of intuition,...
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