How to Find Money You Don’t Have Using your Human Design
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We all have the same amount of money. We are just in different phases of experiencing it for ourselves. In this podcast I am going to give action steps you can take towards discovering more of the money sitting in your own Wealth Energy ™ . Wealth Energy ™ is the frequency that your aura sits in when it aligns to the money you are calling in. There are different degrees of Wealth Energy ™ but the overall function of it and resonance of it is the same. If you are sitting in Wealth Energy ™ you are experiencing abundance of money. I call it Wealth Energy ™ because it feels as if specifically money finds us at this frequency. Of course other amazing things find you as well- like calmer more peaceful relationships, synchronicities, weight loss, better sleep, and a deeper sense of purpose but for the sake of this podcast and because I work with women who are looking to create more Wealth Energy ™ for themselves in their business, we focus on money here. I give you the 5 steps to creating a frequency of Wealth Energy ™ and also tell you how to spot when you slip away from it. My hope is that you use these guidelines as a way to start experiencing your own Wealth Energy ™ as soon as today. When you are able to experience this frequency for yourself, you can break free of what has been keeping you from believing that you have infinite potential. Your Wealth Energy ™ allows for you to quantum leap yourself into success and alignment faster than any other frequency. Listen in and find the money you want today.   Learn More & Apply To Work With Me : Here   Expecting Abundance Meditation: Grab Your Free Meditation Here
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