5 things to know about Human Design Before you Start your Business
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The Human Design experiment is a lifelong endeavor- and there are things about your energy that make this experiment one you can win at over and over again. When I found this miracle of a tool I became instantly curious and at the same time overwhelmed. I wanted to know all the things on the chart and then became so enthralled with it all I found myself always asking questions like “what part of this chart would help me with this or that?” I was looking for help with my career- I was hoping to find a life I could live and make money living it. In this podcast I break down the 5 things I wish I knew about the Human Design experiment before I started my business. You will be ahead of the money game by the end of this episode.   Learn More & Apply To Work With Me : Here   Be a guest on the podcast and get hot seat coached by me! HERE    Expecting Abundance Meditation: Grab Your Free Meditation Here
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