Heal the Inner Child to Break through Money Blocks
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Becoming wealth energy is something that requires an awakening of your highest potential and your true self. To shed the lower frequency states of shadow and conditioned energetics there must be a death of the person we have been and a birth of the person we truly are. There is an inner child version of you who needs your attention when it is time to release shadow. In this podcast I help you find your inner child, acknowledge the strength within her and release the wounding around her broken heart so that you can start experiencing the success that is your birthright.   Find out how to work with Me: Here   Be a guest on the podcast: HERE 
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This week I take you BTS of the Quantum Sales Page Solution- I am learning more about my creative process and taking my gift of Channeling into my business.   The QSP was channeled information and needed to be brought to my Fractal Line- I had to get out of my own way, step out of my ego and...
Published 07/02/22
  This week we have Karen on the podcast as a Hot Seat coaching guest.   Karen is a 4 / 6 emotional generator who came to the podcast looking to get help creating an offer to serve her Fractal Line through.   She is a highly intuitive healer who has a desire to take her gifts of intuition,...
Published 06/29/22