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Weaving Voices is a Whetstone Radio Collective podcast that stitches textile systems and traditions, economic philosophy, and climate science into a quilt of understanding. Designed to transform our thinking and actions both as citizens and material culture makers and users.
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The oldest strains of cotton tell a story of the people who cultivated it. Weaving Voices is part of Whetstone Radio Collective. Learn more about Weaving Voices here. Find show notes here. And transcript here.
Published 01/04/23
Published 01/04/23
Sammy Oteng is a Kantamanto Market organizer in Accra Ghana. The market is a 28 acre site, historically created by the people of Ghana to repurpose and reuse materials. Since the onset of fast fashion, the marketplace has become a dumping ground for the waste of the Global North. In a country of...
Published 12/28/22