Reflections from an Industrial Ecologist
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In this interview with Roland Geyer, we discuss the history and the effects of the interplay of economic forces and environmentalism. We'll also touch on how sustainability has been defined in the last three decades coming out of the U.N. Earth Summit of 1992 in Rio, and what this means for our textile material culture, human labor and the climate today. Weaving Voices is part of Whetstone Radio Collective from Whetstone Media. Learn more about this episode of Weaving Voices at, on IG at @whetstoneradio, TikTok @whetstone , Twitter at @whetstoneradio, and YouTube at WhetstoneRadio. Read full transcript here.
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The oldest strains of cotton tell a story of the people who cultivated it. Weaving Voices is part of Whetstone Radio Collective. Learn more about Weaving Voices here. Find show notes here. And transcript here.
Published 01/04/23
Published 01/04/23
Sammy Oteng is a Kantamanto Market organizer in Accra Ghana. The market is a 28 acre site, historically created by the people of Ghana to repurpose and reuse materials. Since the onset of fast fashion, the marketplace has become a dumping ground for the waste of the Global North. In a country of...
Published 12/28/22