Meet Our New JamPot Baby!
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Sophie and Melissa have you covered every Wednesday, but Tuesdays will be coming in strong with our brand-new podcast: NewlyDads. Join Ollie and Gareth Locke-Locke as they talk all about the triumphs and tribulations of raising baby twins, and their new role as Chelsea’s resident daddies. Expect hilarious stories from the pair as they share all about being parents, tales from their own childhoods, and we’ll be hearing some of your most embarrassing moments from being a kid or parent. Listen to NewlyDads every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts. A JamPot Production. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Sophie and Melissa are back for another 'Wednesdays'! And giving a special shout out to the Tinies at VT who said hello to Melissa, should we do more IRL meets? We’ve had a LOT of dilemmas on the pod, but today we’re confronting what could be our strangest boyfriend secret: an obsession with ‘My...
Published 04/17/24
Published 04/17/24
We’ve got a special guest for this week’s ‘Wednesdays’, Georgia Habboo is in the house! We’re answering questions on all your wedding outfit needs and how to look bomb at any ceremonies this year, taking on how to get out of a situationship and into a relationship, and also hearing from one Tiny...
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