VaYetse 5784 (2023)
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The world is full of frustrating and discouraging conflicts. Problems without solutions, and impossible pressure. All of these are meant to put us in front of the test - the opportunity to create a miracle, to experiment and rise above nature. How do we manage to overcome the paradoxes of reality and create success where there are no victims only winners? The human race is at a critical juncture. The great forces that press humanity to change put us in great distress, pain, and existential torment. Only kindness and giving, unity and unconditional love can turn trouble into victory. How can we do it? This lesson is dedicated for the hundreds inocent victims, for the heroes that fell in the battle against evil and for the protection of the ones fighting for security and sanity. For readings and more study: Join our course program: Join our Zoom Program: Support our efforts to provide you with more materials, donate to Live Kabbalah:
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