Title 42 Gets 86'd
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Today marks the official end of Title 42, the Trump-era border policy that allowed U.S. border officials to expel asylum-seekers on public health grounds. We talk to Dara Lind, senior fellow at the American Immigration Council, about the end of the policy, and what the restrictions that the Biden administration is putting in its place. Republican-controlled state houses across the country continue to push anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, including Montana, where lawmakers have banned gender affirming care for trans youth, and also voted to censure Representative Zooey Zephyr. Erin Reed, an independent journalist and activist, joins us to talk about her work to make the country a better – and safer – place for transgender people. And in headlines: writer E. Jean Carroll is considering suing Donald Trump again, Daniel Penny has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the chokehold killing of Jordan Neely, and the FDA has finally paved the way to allow more gay and bisexual men to donate blood.
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