M.C. Detective Agency - Chapter 5 - Clouds Not Orbits!
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Poppi and Ray will need your help, and Albert Einstein’s, to wrap up their second adventure with the MC Detective Agency. As the kids work to save the future, we’ll learn about Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, and cotton candy!  The M.C. Detective Agency is a comic book series written by Colleen Kelley, Ph.D., as part of Kids Chemical Solutions. It has helped kids get an early introduction to chemistry and master material taught at the college level. The four-part comic book series, along with activity packets and sample lesson plans, are available at kidschemicalsolutions.com Their Periodic Table of Elements is free via this Google Drive Link. Subscribe to What If World wherever you listen: link.chtbl.com/whatifworld.  What If World is made by Eric and Karen O'Keeffe. A big thanks to our producer Miss Lynn. Our podcast art is by Jason O’Keefe, and our theme song is by Craig Martinson. Advertise on What If World: [email protected]
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