S5E1 A Revolutionary Protocol for Chronic Digestive Issues | Dr. Alexis Cowan, PhD
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Confused on where to start if you have IBS, SIBO, or can no longer eat the foods you love without reacting? Dr. Alexis Cowan, PhD is a microbiome researcher and high-performance holistic health mentor who shares her revolutionary, 3-step gut protocol to restore your good bacteria. HERE’S THE JUICE: How Alexis’ own 100lb weight loss experience impacted her gut health The specific gut protocol that healed her gut microbiome, dairy intolerance  and many of her clients’ long term symptoms Top 3 foods needed to feed your good gut bacteria How to feed your bifidobacteria if you weren’t breastfed Why 2-4 weeks of a “preparation phase” with diet changes and inflammation-busting supplements may be needed before embarking on a gut protocol Omega-3s, hesperidin (found in orange peels) and molecular hydrogen to reduce gut inflammation and break the cycle Why low FODMAP diets aren't a long term, sustainable treatment for SIBO How to properly get off an elimination diet  Why carnivore and keto diets can negatively impact the microbiome long term  Why high protein diets (without enough plants) can cause constipation and discomfort The profound link between high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes and fungal overgrowth Her take on functional lab testing, parasites and other buzzy topics on social media  Why toxic relationships can be just as detrimental as poor sleep or digestive health Watch the full episode on What’s The Juice YouTube Channel To support our ad-free show, shop Olivia’s line of herbalist-formulated supplements for digestion, anxiety, thyroid support, and more by visiting www.organicolivia.com. Our most loved formulas are: GlucoBitters for blood sugar balancing, insulin resistance and PCOS, Liver Juice for acne and liver detoxification support, and Bloat BFF for fast-acting bloating support. Connect with Alexis: 1-1 services and courses Instagram: @dralexisjazmyn Undoctrinate Yourself Podcast Purchase her courses (code "PODCAST" for 11% off) Connect with Olivia: Follow Organic Olivia Olivia’s personal IG Organic Olivia on TikTok Read Olivia’s blog posts Links mentioned: AvailOm Omega 3 supplement FUT2 secretor gene and bifidobacteria in the gut  To purchase red polyphenol powder, apple peel powder, or HMOs, visit www.layerorigin.com and use code DRALEXIS10
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