Celebrity Stylist Jamie Mizrahi on Creating Lived-In Looks for Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Allen White, and Adele
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Stylist Jamie Mizrahi may not look to trends for inspiration, but she's certainly been known to help set a few of them. For instance, her client Jennifer Lawrence has made fashion headlines countless times since they partnered up, and we've watched the influence of J.Law's elevated yet effortless street style ripple through the community in the recent surge of simple, polished basics. Whether she's advising Jeremy Allen White on which button to unbutton or creating a new custom black gown for Adele's Vegas residency every single weekend, Mizrahi's through line is always to give her clients a lived-in look that emphasizes their unique sense of style. This week, Mizrahi shares why she generally ignores fashion industry standards and encourages clients to rewear pieces, dig into the past seasons' archives, and dress in a way that feels authentic.
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