Bonus episode: Hear how the Wings for Life World Run went
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Erin and Ayo, along with over 161,892 participants from 192 nations at runs in 165 countries around the globe, were part of the ninth annual edition of the Wings for Life World Run this May and together they raised 4.7 million euros for spinal cord research. They’re taking a moment to chat with each other about their individual runs, and to hear from some of the Why I Run team about how they got on, including our team’s furthest runner who clocked up an impressive 26km! All news, results and reactions from the run can be found at [] as well as info on how to register for 2023. The Why I Run podcast from Red Bull was hosted by Ayo Akinwolere and Erin Azar. Mixing was by Mark Pittam and Chris McLean. The assistant producer was Bukky Fadipe, the producer was Philippa Geering and the executive producer was Alex Hollands for Storyglass.
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