213 | ABA Pt. 3: Little Robots
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One of the challenging aspects of teaching new behaviors is to teach them in such a way that they are meaningful to the individual, their social community, and to their family. Doing so can result in behaviors and speech that sound repetitive to the point of appearing robotic. It is something that can be offputting, and something that we can improve. Onward! Links for Today: https://childmind.org/article/controversy-around-applied-behavior-analysis/ https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311908.2019.1641258#:~:text=The%20operant%20conditioning%20and%20compliance,typical%20clients%20would%20never%20pass. https://www.appliedbehavioranalysisedu.org/what-is-aba/ https://www.inbloomautism.com/post/is-aba-abusive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVXckOGvpMs We are on Reddit! https://www.reddit.com/user/WhyWeDoWhatWeDo Recommendations Abraham: Adopt something Shane: Stephen King - Later (https://stephenking.com/works/novel/later.html) You can reach us directly at 775.525.0908, at info@wwdwwdpodcast.com, through the comments below OR on social via @wwdwwdpodcast or #wwdwwdpodcast.
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The end. Fin. The culmination of the miniseries on the controversy around Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as harmful. This final discussion is what we have been working toward over this entire series: the comparison of ABA to conversion therapy. The argument focuses on stereotypic behaviors and...
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The argument is that Behavior Analysts don't consider a child's emotional well-being and ignore their feelings. Specifically, this is in regard to blocking or preventing self-soothing behaviors such as self-stimulatory "stereotypic" behaviors. Discussions of feelings are essentially absent from...
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