Catch and Release Hunting? Ethical Quandaries and Moral Dilemmas with Kevin Kossowan — WildFed Podcast #107
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Kevin Kossowan is the creator of From The Wild, a James Beard award nominated, culinary adventure series about wild foods that has elevated field cookery to a level not really seen before in a tv series. A film maker, he’s also the co-creator of Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest on PBS and Nat Geo. One of the things we love about talking with Kevin is his willingness to get into some of the more taboo and uncomfortable nooks and crannies of the ethical and moral and ecological obligations of hunting, fishing, and foraging... especially into conversations we, as hunters, are often told we shouldn’t have. While the first part of this conversation is some catch up, talk about recent harvests and the landscapes they happen in, the second part of this conversation really heats up, as Daniel and Kevin start talking about things like pollution in wild foods, ethics in killing, and the things that motivate or deter us from participating or not participating in harvests. The terrain gets sticky, and that’s precisely why we think it's important to explore. Because what we do, harvesting organisms from the wild for food, needs to be clearly articulated for us to make quality decisions about life and death, and of course, for the public to understand — and hopefully support — our choices, and the system of laws that legally governs our actions. Some of these moral quandaries and ethical dilemmas aren’t solvable, they’re too nuanced and individual for that. Instead, each of us has to dig deep inside to determine where we land on these issues. We hope you enjoy this conversation! View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here:
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