Spring Greens, It’s Like Going to the Supermarket with Alan Bergo — WildFed Podcast #126
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The early spring green foraging season is upon us — or at least it's drawing very close now — and who better to talk to than the Forager Chef himself, Alan Bergo. Alan is a long time guest and friend of the show — both the WildFed podcast and TV show — and one of today’s most prolific wild food writers and recipe developers. His website — ForagerChef.com — is the web’s largest wild mushroom cookery resource, but it's so much more, with incredible recipes and musings on plants as well. Alan is constantly experimenting with old and new ways of processing, cooking, fermenting, pickling, or preserving wild edibles and is always on the quest for bold new flavors too. After a long, Northern Hemisphere winter, there’s nothing as cleansing and rejuvenating as those early spring greens, and Alan is gonna give us lots of tips and tricks on what to do with them. We also talk about the rise of wild foods and foraging in television media and get some teasers about a new mainstream tv project he’s recently become involved in, which will be coming out soon. For those of us in the wild foods culture, this is an exciting time, both because of spring greens, but even more-so because many prominent wild food educators and personalities are producing media that has the potential to bring what we do to larger audiences — hopefully, helping to mainstream the idea that wild nature and humans have always had, and should have today, an intimate, reciprocal relationship based around food. More people caring about what wild nature has to offer means more people caring for wild nature. And eventually, we all hope, that leads to more wild nature! Alan is playing an instrumental part in that, and continues to be an innovative, curious, and perpetually inspiring voice on the topic. View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here: https://www.wild-fed.com/podcast/126
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