74. Cool Climate Australia with Emma Symington MW
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This is episode highlights the cold side of Australia with Emma Symington Master of Wine. Emma has been working with Wine Australia for more than 10 years now, and was kind enough to sit down with me for 2 episodes and introduce us first to the cool climate regions of Australia and then to the many faces of Australian Shiraz in the 2nd episode, coming up in 2 weeks. These shows are meant for both professionals as well as keen beginner wine lovers, who want to get an idea about the lesser known corners and strengths of the Australian wine world. Guest: Emma Symington MW Follow the Wine Ghosts Instagram page for more content here: https://www.instagram.com/wineghosts/ Or write me a mail to [email protected] Get 56% off your first Magic Mind subscription here: https://www.magicmind.com/wineghost Or get 20% off your one-time-purchase by using the code 'WINEGHOST20' at the checkout on the Magic Mind website.
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