Ep. 48. / How the Priorat Terroir is Mastered in Perinet Bottles?!
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The first podcast that focuses on one of my favourite regions: Priorat. I had the great chance to connect with the Perinet winery, one of the shining stars in the area, to give insights in their terroir and magical cellar work. Perinet is located in the North-Eastern part of the Priorat region, in the village zone of Poboleda. Perinet’s knowledgeable winemaker Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz, together with Carlota, literally gave a profound masterclass on the region, its characteristic Llicorella soil, microclimatic differences, the two key varieties, namely Garnatxa and Carinyena, and why these grapes are handled differently in the winemaking process. Every Perinet bottle amazed us, my girlfriend was actually weeping for joy when trying one of these wines, you can find out in the podcast which one. Feel free to watch shorter, thematic clips cut out of the podcast on the Wine Ghosts Youtube channel, or watch the entire conversation via the Wine Ghosts Patreon channel in return for a small monthly contribution, where you can also download my PDF summary about the podcast, respectively. You can find all the links below. Enjoy!   Timeline: 3:11 – Perinet & Priorat History 04:25 – Priorat Terroir 10:02 – History & Origions 13:27 – Soil in Priorat & Montsant 18:56 – Monstant vs Priorat | DO vs DOQ 26:30 – Garnatxa vs Carinena 32:10 – Garnatxas and Carinena tasted side by side 46:58 – Benefits of Spontaneous fermentation 1:01:42 – Perinet Cuvee 1:06:55 – Their Favourite wines 1:09:36 – Plans for the future 1:11:12 – 1194 Wine   Guest: Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz & Carlota Palau Parisi Winery: Perinet, Priorat, Spain   | Support & Get Exclusive on the Wine Ghosts Patreon Site: https://www.patreon.com/wineghosts | Join the Wine Ghosts Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/wineghosts/ | Wine Ghosts' Channels (Instagram, Podcast etc.): https://linktr.ee/wineghosts | Wine Ghosts Website: www.wineghosts.com | Wine Ghosts' E-Mail: [email protected]
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