Ep. 52. / Zoltán Heimann made me proud of Hungarian Kékfrankos again!
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This episode will feature a young Hungarian winemaker who made me proud of Kékfrankos again. Zoltán Heimann Jr., after perfecting his winemaker toolset in Geisenheim as well as at some of the most reputable estates in Europe (for example Clemens Busch and Franz Weninger), returned to his homeland, Szekszárd Hungary, to kickstart a new project on his already well-established family estate. Although he is only in the beginnings of his 30s, Zoltán already has a clear and tasty idea of what the Southern Hungarian Szekszárd terroir is capable of with the help of two historical al Carpathian Basin red grapes: Kadarka and Kékfrankos. We’ve tasted three brilliant Heimann&Fiai wine ghosts (2 Kékfrankos & 1 Kadarka) together, while talking about the potential and likings of these varieties, the Southern Hungarian wine landscape, biodynamic viticulture, Hungarian kitchen, low-intervention winemaking and what the future holds for him. A particularly encouraging and delightful conversation with someone to watch out for!   2:15 – Personal Story & Family Heritage 11:02 – Szekszárd Terroir 16:45 – Villány vs Szekszárd Terroir 19:58 - Growing up in a winemaking family in Hungary from the 90s on 25:46 – Differences between Heimann and Heimann&Fiai 31:33 – 1st Patreon Question 35:46 - Kadarka Porkoláb-Völgy 43:17 – How does Kadarka like to be handled in the cellar? 52:19 – Thoughts behind the excellent design 55:06 – Tasting Kékfrankos Bati Kereszt 1:07:30 – Drinking Window of the Heimann Wines 1:08:36 – Steps towards a Biodynamic Future? (2nd Patreon Question) 1:13:05 – Tasting Kékfrankos Szivem 1:26:18 - Wines for artists as connections to the World 1:29:40 – Swabian Heritage & Mercedes S-Class 1:40:40 – Hungarian Kitchen & Wine pairing 1:43:00 – What are we gonna talk about in 5 years?   | Guest: Zoltán Heimann Jr. | Heiamnn & Fiai | @heimann.fiai | Wine Ghosts Instagram: @wineghosts | Support & Get Exclusive on the Wine Ghosts Patreon Site: https://www.patreon.com/wineghosts | Join the Wine Ghosts Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/wineghosts/ | Wine Ghosts' Channels (Instagram, Podcast etc.): https://linktr.ee/wineghosts    
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