I Get Confused In Surah Kafiroon
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QURAN NIGHT: THE ART OF RECITATION Join Imam Wisam Sharieff for an interactive evening that brings the Quran to life through the art of recitation. Learn to decode the complex terminology of recitation rules and develop confidence in your own voice. We all face challenges in our relationship with the Quran. Whether it’s learning to read, perfecting our recitation, or listening to the sound of our own voice as we flow through the words of Allah. Yet, many of us feel inadequate because we cannot put in the time to learn, practice, and feel confident in ourselves. In this introduction to the art of recitation, you will identify the tools and learn the practical steps needed to improve your recitation, using examples from four of the oft-recited, shorter Surahs. Join us for a night like no other. Strengthen and beautify your relationship with the Quran, no matter where you are in your journey. Discover how much of the codified science of tajweed you can master in one evening, and in a unique and interactive session that will fill the room with the light of Allah’s words, take charge by making the recitation of the Quran your own.
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Published 05/22/20
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Published 05/20/20
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