It's Our Last Date Night Episode of 2023!
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We talk about our Thanksgiving in NY, Sonny's budding Roblox addiction and what to do about it, and how I DM'd Paris Hilton after watching her show. We discuss our upcoming Christmas Eve holiday party that we're hosting at our home and break down how we plan to throw a nice but cozy party while hosting 70 people and still make it fun and not too stressful. Other topics of discussion  include geriatric Millennials, Pop Culture Palette Cleansers, and Brain Farts, naturally. Lastly, our goals and how we love each other, and just how I'm looking forward to Timmy being so chill and fun this week. Love you all!  This episode is sponsored by ColdCalm by Boiron, Tecovas, BelliWelli, Lightbox Jewelry, and Skylight Frames.  When you feel a cold coming on, reach for ColdCalm by Boiron. Visit and use code WITHWHIT for 20% off your purchase of any ColdCalm medicine.  Start gifting season off on the right foot at Don't Go Gently, y'all.  Most of us should be taking care of our guts, but don't really know how. BelliWelli makes it easy and delicious. Go to and use code BelliWelli20 at checkout for 20% off your first purchase.  Give the gift of lab-grown diamonds this holiday season. Shop now at and use promo code WITHWHIT for 10% off sitewide.  Skylight Calendar is the best way to give your family peace of mind to enjoy the things that matter most. As a special, limited time offer for our listeners, get $15 off your purchase of a Skylight Calendar when you go to See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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