Life After Surviving a Mass Shooting: An Interview with Dion Green & Megan Dearman
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When I was in D.C., I had the privilege of interviewing two amazing individuals and survivors. Dion Green who lost his father in the Dayton Ohio shooting, and Megan Dearman who lost her 6 year old cousin in the Aurora movie theater shooting. I feel so strongly about giving them the space to share themselves and their stories. We cannot become numb and turn away, we have to listen and support each other. I cannot thank Dion and Megan enough for opening up to me so beautifully, it's something I'll never forget.  This episode is brought to you by Truly Hard Seltzer.  Truly believes life can be more refreshing when we can be real, let loose, embrace imperfection, and allow ourselves to be free from convention. To find Truly Hard Seltzer near you, go to Keep It Light and Please drink responsibly.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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