E2E13: Data management Episode I.
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You might think “data management” is just getting data ready to share, but it’s so much more. In this episode, Jess and Sara talk about the expanded universe of data management. This is the first of a two part series, and focuses on some of the things you can do to help ensure you have good quality data before you even talk to a single participant. We talk about lots of fun data management tips and tricks, from creating research protocols, assigning IDs, creating variable names, variable codes, and coding missing data. Make a rule. Write it down. Don’t change it. Mentioned in this episode: Sara’s data management plan example. The Logan, Hart & Schatschneider paper on Data Sharing: https://edarxiv.org/2x3cu/ Jess’s data management slides. CONSORT diagram: consort-statement.org A great data management guide by Reynolds & Schatschneider. Crystal Lewis’s training website Connect with the podcast on twitter @within_between, or email us letters about developmental science at [email protected] More episodes and podcast information at WithinandBetweenPod.com. Follow Dr. Hart on twitter @Saraannhart Follow Dr. Logan on twitter @Jarlogan. Our theme music was composed by Jason Flowers. Our logo was created by Nathan Archer. This is Season 2, Episode 11, It was recorded February 27, 2021
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